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Wiretaps are frequently used by Federal prosecutors. While  State law enforcement agencies in Louisiana have the same power, it is rarely used. See La. R.S. 15:1302-1316. 

The Federal Wiretap Statue is found at 18 USC 2510-2522.  18 USC 2516  lists the crimes for which Wiretaps can be used; however , they are used by Federal prosecutors  primarily for Terrorism and Narcotics cases. 

18 USC 2518 sets forth the requirements which law enforcement must have in their application to a Federal Judge for a wiretap. 

There are several defenses in cases involving wiretaps. It is not necessary that your phone be tapped  to have  standing to challenge a wiretap. Anyone adversely affected by a wiretap can challenge its legality. Call us for an appointment  if you would like to discuss this issue further. 

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